Business Projects by Robert Harris

Commercial Manager of high technology banking projects, Sydney Australia
U.S. Citizen, Australian Permanent resident- indefinite visa

About Me

Clean, simple, on time business solutions using technology

I keep fun on the agenda.  People who can have a laugh together do better work. 

Subject matter expertise

  • Enterprise IT projects performed rapidly, with no drama

  • Business analysis- process maps, spend analysis, modelling, tech. writing

  • Strategic Sourcing of Enterprise IT systems, technology, telco services

    • Preparing bids, tenders, proposals

    • Evaluating bids, tenders, proposals-interpreting terms and conditions

    • Negotiating terms and conditions

  • Cloud based applications implementations

  • eCommerce enablement (B2B and B2C), wireless eft and credit processing


  • Workshop facilitation>antenatal education>1st time dads
  • Consumer behaviours>eCommerce>technology>Under 18's youth market
  • Workplace>effective virtual teams>role of technology to enable telework
I build business solutions using technology.
  • I take a holistic "systems" approach to solving customer challenges using my business experience and judgement to balance your needs against your resources to develop practical solutions.

  • I deliver value.  Contract deliverables are only the medium.

    •  My actions:
      • Increase your sales

      • Decrease your costs

      • Make it easier for your customers to become repeat customers

      • Increase your competitive advantage in the medium term

  • I follow structured SDLC and PMBOK project management methods.

  • I make paperwork simple and "get it right" the 1st time to reduce costly re-checking.

  • I "listen" to my customer needs from all disciplines.

  • I identify the project measures for success in the project plan.

  •  I treat my customers the way I want to be treated.
    • I treat their time and money as if it were mine.  If I perform a service that does not add value, I won't charge you.

    • I wont' waste your time.

How I measure my effectiveness:

  • Success to meet the customer needs

  • Word of mouth from my former customers and coworkers

My background:

  • Successful roles
    • Contracts, strategic sourcing and technology team leadership inside
      • Banking
      • Defence
      • Media
      • FMCG
      • Management consulting
  • Influencer, group facilitator, workshop leader, communicator by "nature"
    • Data solutions designer and economical problem solver by passion


  • Air Force officer, project manager, procurement manager by training

  • Financial business analyst, Nanotechnology engineer and computer science data analyst by education

Wherever possible I inject a "Green" component to my solutions and will divert 10% of my fees to Greenpeace when a client is actively pursuing solutions that contribute to a cleaner Earth. 


How I "sharpen the saw" 



 m 044 758 0397