Business Projects by Robert Harris

Commercial Manager of high technology banking projects, Sydney Australia
U.S. Citizen, Australian Permanent resident- indefinite visa

Robert Harris - sales and marketing projects


·            In progress project.  Product brand marketing and product development for IPTV introduction into Australia.

Performance Marketers

·            Solutions sales.  Perform Account Management and frontline leads generation for professional services companies.  We employ telemarketing, websites and email to generate leads and set business development meetings for professional service companies.  Result:  Dell was my primary account.  The Australia Sales manager is highly that we met all KPI’s for lead generation using CRM.


Media Monitors Pty Ltd

·            Product management.  Performed the distribution of all digital media to 200 top ASX and Government clients.  Results:  Met the 99.99% KPI set to achieve customer satisfaction

·            Performed a quality assurance function to maintain a “zero fault tolerance” system of delivery.  Result:  Introduced a new performance reporting tool to demonstrate actual rate of successful media deliveries.

·            Account management.  Conducted liaisons with the internal account managers internal for Media Monitors and directly provided customer service for the communications officers who were my external clients.  Result:  The delivery function became perceived as “team members” who shared the desire to satisfy customers and overcome obstacles whenever they arose.


HMA George Patterson Advertising

·            Product development.  Constructed business case and performed product marketing strategy and technical product development planning. 

·            Internal sales.  Authored a company strategy using Porter’s Five Forces and SWOT which identified to joint directors, three new online revenue streams for the company customer web service. Result:  Accepted by both joint CEO’s.

·            Management consulting.  Performed a company wide business process management audit to identify the existing company core processes and reveal the core competencies of the existing staff and processes that "touch" customers directly. Result: The audit allowed a gap analysis to be performed between existing and needed competencies for an online ebusiness strategic business unit. The gap analysis provided a basis for further strategic human resource decisions and feasible service offerings

·            “Business cased” and proposed four new service offerings/revenue streams in accordance with company strategy, staff core competencies, and fiscal limitations. Result: One joint director, Terry Maloney appreciated the proposals, but did not feel that with the current downturn in recruitment advertising, the company could implement new services

·            Co-developed the new company web portal and the online structure, design and function of three web service offerings. Result: Phase I of the web service was successfully demonstrated to the company joint director Terry Maloney, on July 2, 2001, on schedule, on budget, and with desired technical performance Ý Resume

·            Web development.  Led a team of key managers from across the company customer service, production, and sales staff members to contribute design and functionality and usability elements of company web service. Result: The web service had workflow that was consistent with the real world paperflow in the business. Website usability was kept at a maximum for users inside and outside the company.


Harris Internet Consulting private consulting company

·            Solution Sales.  Quantum Investment Group needed independent assessment of the telephony products in development and being offered by Miva Pty Ltd. Also needed was an assessment of the company’s ability to bring the products to market. This was an overall assessment of technical product, marketing capabilities and overall quality of management. Result: The assessment was delivered on a very short timeline and all areas were covered successfully

·            Solution Sales.  Developed a proposal & design win strategy for a marketing website structure and functions for EMI Records Australia. Included were viral marketing features of emailing a recording star; seeing the recording stars daily journal entries while "on tour", and a "groupie" chat room Result: EMI ecommerce marketing manager used the source selection methodology. The proposed website was not selected by EMI.

·            Solution Sales.  A dotcom startup needed a strategic plan for creating a smartcard enabled personal services B2C web service portal. Result: VC presentations and all architecture documentation successfully delivered to entrepreneur clients.

·            Solution Sales.  Conceived & authored a proposal for an ecommerce function for Ericsson Australia’s worldwide wireless application competition. My entry was almost identical to the winning entry: a roaming system to allow for downloading audio clips of major tourist attractions in Europe with deployment plans for global application.

·            Solution Sales.  Conceived & authored a proposal and design win strategy for a telecommuting bundle for Sydney central business district employees during the Year 2000 Olympic games. Through one 1-800 phone number, the employee could buy a PC + ISP bundle delivered to their residence 10 days before the commencement of the olympic events. Engaged Cable and Wireless Optus, IBM, and Pinpoint Call Center in Sydney, Australia into an alliance team.


Principal for the Technology Group, XT3 Commercial Internet Solutions

·            XT3 is an internet integrator offering three services streams; online advertising and Customer Relationship Management; technology solutions (web project management); and online strategy consulting.

My role was to:

·            Business Development.  Build business through overall management of bid competition - design win strategy, proposal preparation and management of competitive engagements & presentations

·            Resource planning.  Forecast manning requirements and project personnel assignments for individual project teams providing website and technology design, development and implementation

·            Business Strategy.  Develop a business process management methodology for the technology practice to enhance efficient delivery of core processes, continuous improvement and rapid employee training

·            Solution sales and consultative sales.  Management consulting.  Provide frontline consulting to XT3 client Austrade (

·            General Management.  Interview and hire new practice members

·            Result: I successfully delivered improvements in the proposals from the XT3 technology practice to include benchmarking and usability sections. I built a financial model for cost estimating a global infrastructure deployment that was applauded by the directors. I mapped all core processes within the practice and published the work on the company intranet.


Marketing Manager, e-business, Advantra Pty Ltd

·            Product Development & consultative selling.  Advantra is a joint venture startup formed between IBM, Lend Lease Corp, and Telstra, (Australia’s largest telecommunications company). Advantra needed to build the first server farm in Australia to IBM USA standards and fill it with customers. The build project was in chaos when I arrived and there was no strategy, marketing sales plan. Result: Implemented an eCommerce payment gateway between the Sausage Software "Business in a Box" website and St George Bank. The functional test demonstrated full commercial potential of the server farm. I led an inter-divisional team of forty staff members and collaborated with a team of IBM counterparts in Illinois. This phase was completed in four months after my arrival and the project team was awarded the CEO’s Gold Award. I was promoted to the marketing manager (offering manager) for the operations phase of the server farm. I immediately formed a Tiger Team and conducted customer survey groups and reported sales forecasts to the CEO. I followed this with a marketing strategy plan. I developed the content for sales collateral and performed sales force training and presentations are part of IBM engagement teams. In the marketing strategy plan, I identified to the CEO that the price point for the service offering was too high for the local market and the infrastructure was too inflexible.


I.S. Manager, SC Johnson Wax Australia-New Zealand from 1996 - 1998

·            Internal Sales of I.T. solutions to Management Committee.  Conduct a company wide training survey and establish an I.T. training program. Result: The training of Microsoft Office across all company locations and 350 staff was successful (including MS Access). The average feedback rating was 4.5 out of a possible 5.0.

·           Internal Solution Sales.   Initiate a way to communicate supply chain data to suppliers "on demand". Result: I designed the usage of an easy to update, non interactive, low cost, easy to maintain Internet WWW listing SC Johsnon Wax inventory levels of piece-parts and materials supplied by vendors. Any time vendor needs to know our inventory levels of their products; they will simply use internet browser to go to a secure WWW page for the information. This allowed them to track and self initiate replenishment rather than wait for buyer orders.

·          Internal solution sales.    Set-up a company intranet. Result: All hardware and software platform selection issues and the business productivity issues were compiled by me early in the project design phase. The project is currently in operation.

·         Internal solution sales.     Set up a company Executive Information System (EIS). Result: Today at SC Johnson senior executives can find the following information on a shared network drive with security features that limit access to directors only.


The monthly billings for Optus mobile phone accounts, by department

The monthly billings for all British Telecom Frame Relay charges, by department

The monthly billings for all Telstra STD/IDD charges, by department

The statistics of corporate disk utilization, by department


Much of this information is provided in graphical forms with month-to-month line graphs for basic trend analysis. The annual I.T. plan was to migrate this information to the Intranet to aid senior managers to run the company more efficiently.

·            Use data from the Manufacturing Resource Planning MRP system as a Sales and Marketing Data Warehouse. Result: Managed the "set up" and data flow design for an SQL server running DSS Agent application software for the SC Johnson sales force. This included platform selection, employee education, and clear definition of the added value to be offered to the sales department by the successful introduction of a dedicated data warehouse.

·            Make best practice software application source selections. Result: I conducted the initial brain storming sessions with Sales, and Production staff members and outlined the key evaluation criteria for the selection of: Promax- Performed the Australian implementation of this software Promotion Evaluation Software (A sales force specific application to adjust product pricing) Demand Solutions- Performed a source selection for demand forecasting software for the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry in Australia.

·            Internal solution selling. Result: By setting high standards and working in a partnership method, I was able to have Optus and Telstra monthly bills simplified and where possible, consolidated into one bill. I initiated the process of having all monthly bills sent to SC Johnson in electronic form for easier internal analysis. I had audits of the SC Johnson Wax Company telecommunication services performed to eliminate the existence of services that did not result in business productivity. I conducted extensive technical interchange meetings with all major telecommunications carriers and developed a recommendation for SC Johnson management for an alternate telecommunications carrier for the based upon a fact-based, objective, source-selection criteria. I managed the install of new services in a new NSW office. I greatly increased the quality of the account management of the SC Johnson business by Telstra. I was asked to make a video tape that was aired to all Telstra customer executives at their annual conference.


Computer Security Specialist, Trident Data Systems

·            Consultative and Relationship   Selling.  Computer Security Consultant to the US Air Force Secretary of the Air Force Special Projects Office and Rockwell International Space Systems Division. Result: The ongoing work for SAFSP was successful but was not a profitable contract for Trident. I was brought back to Trident as an independent contractor to create a computer security program for Rockwell to gain compliance with Orange Book specifications.


United States Air Force Officer, Air Force Reserves Air Force Academy and R.O.T.C. recruitment officer

·            Military recruitment. I served as a representative to the community for the Air Force Academy and R.O.T.C. programs.   I spoke at high school career nights and attended career days.  I met one on one with candidates and performed evaluations.